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2020 Solo Exhibition : "Light of Yorkshire Exhibition runs Friday 31st of July, 2020, until Sunday 23rd of August, 2020 at our York gallery York Fine Arts is delighted to present ‘Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire’, its fifth annual solo exhibition of original paintings."

Recent Work
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Yorkshire day, all the way.
Always head north
Misty morning air
Tall skies over the valley
North Yorkshire in umber tones
Light through rifted cloud
Far up the rugged path
Call of the wild
Yorkshire, lost in shadow.
Travelling light
And so it begins
Over dale and vale
Yorkshire drift
Awaken the senses
Highs and lows
A break in the weather
A fleeting moment
Blow the day away
A fine Yorkshire day
Closing in over Nidderdale
Hill-top hike
Beyond the moors in North Yorkshire
Beyond the night in North Yorkshire
Going low through Wharfedale
Northern umbers
Battle of the elements (Upper Nidderdale)
Imagine the Dales...
Walking on the wilder side
A natural wonder, the Hole of Horcum
Geological wonder (Upper Wharfedale)
Fine mists touch down over Scar House
Nidderdale in shades of green
And so it begins. River Nidd.
The climb is worth it
Wilder places